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Baltimore CITY chamber of commerce 


We are the Center for Business in Baltimore

Membership in the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce comes with many benefits. We understand that growing a business, no matter the size, can present challenges as you reach to rise to the next level. You have to dream big, identify the tasks to accomplish and do the work. Our job is to support your efforts  by providing the resources and tools that will assist you in the process.  This includes a balance of educational seminars and workshops coupled with networking to make great connections. It's not just about what you know but who knows you.

Join the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, whether you are a local business growing in Baltimore or outside of the City working to support the economic growth and stability of this great marketplace. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve great success.



                                      Become A Member

Reasons to become a Chamber member:

Networking opportunities

The Chamber has organized a busy calendar of professional and personal development events to support the great connections and amazing relationships that can take you and your business to levels you never imagined. A full program of upcoming opportunities can be discovered HERE

Member benefits and discounts

There are levels to this. In total there are six General Membership levels that renew annually for companies with 1-99 employees. There is one monthly membership option and our Corporate membership for major companies who'd like to support making a significant impact in our community.  You can see a full list of these benefits HERE

Business support and advice

Thanks to the resources and experience within the Chamber, as well as its strong business relationships across and outside the region, it is well-placed to assist members in finding relevant business information, support and advice.

Lobbying and influence

Seeking members’ opinions on business matters and representing those views at county, regional and national level are fundamental functions of the Chamber, as well as aiding with policy development on key issues affecting local business.



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